Pre-Ballet I (ages 5-6) Enter the world of the Nutcracker and other beautiful tales through creative ballet and use of imagery. We teach posture, position, rhythm, and grace. Your dancer will leave wanting more. We recommend that the child have been enrolled in Dance Sampler I, prior to entering this class.

Pre-Ballet II (ages 6-7) For the young child that has been introduced to Pre-Ballet I or has taken other dances for a minimum of one full year. The child will be introduced to ballet terminology, proper placement of the body, and movements that will enhance their progression in ballet.

Pre-Ballet III (ages 6, 7, 8) Designed for the young ballet student who has had a minimum of one year of Pre-Ballet class. The student will be introduced to a traditional ballet barre routine and center work. The combinations in center include multiple linking steps, turns, and leaps.  This is the first level where a placement class must be taken to determine if the child is ready for this level.

Intro to Ballet (ages 12 & up) This is a traditional beginning ballet class for the older child or teen who does not want to start in a class with young children.  The progression of this class tends to move quickly due to the age of the students.  This class is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.